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Meet Cloud!

Just Clouding Around!.jpg

Crazy thing about goats, they can be VERY social! Cloud is this year's favorite. It's easy to see why, she is just so engaging. An "in your face" kinda gal! From the beginning of the kidding season, she has been Fiona's favorite. And, to be truly honest, mine too. But, only in the newbie kinda way. On a farm, there are many changes. Daily, weekly, monthly, and on a breeding farm, change is the constant. But, from this "MOM", there are a few of the old girls that I prefer more.

Loyalty, affection, and nuturing, are all words that come to mind. But, I have to admit, l love the

"babies". And, Cloud especially!

She is a jump in your lap, "please pet me", kinda goat. Not that the other goats do not want you to pet them, but Cloud, prefers a human connection. I know what your thinking, I feed her, so, of course she is connected. Wrong! She has not been weaned and is still with her mom, and yet, her human connection is genuine, and crazy to think about. Was she held just a bit more? Is her DNA different from the other kids in the yard? Hard to say, but easy to understand. The goat that jumps in your lap, well, she is the one whom you pet, and give your affiection. However you look at it, Cloud is smart, Cloud is clever, Cloud is the favorite.

Fiona will be back next month, I'm just filling in during finals and end of the school year activities.


Fiona's Mom

#Cloud #Favorite #SocialGoat

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