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The day started out like always, doing school work, but that day I was working outside. Spending my time close to our little barn. My goat, Felicity, was due to have a baby soon. She had actually passed her due date, so she was ready to kid. I was watching her pretty closely during the day, checking to see any signs of labor. (Forgot to mention, kidding is when a goat gives birth.) I was thinking that she would kid either that day or the next, but was pretty certain this was going to be the day. During the afternoon, while my mom was off running errands, it happened! I went out to check on Felicity again, and she was ready to give birth. I could tell because she was having contractions, struggling to push it out. Went searching for the birthing kit, which contains all the necessary things to help with goat kidding. UGH! Where did my mom put it this time! I grabbed a couple rolls of paper towels instead (they work great by the way) and went out to be with her.

She was struggling to get the baby out, and the thing about goats, if they can’t get it out, or it starts coming out the wrong way, you have to get in there and help! I will save you the gory details about how it’s done. When I got to her with the paper towels in my hands, I saw the baby’s head, but no legs. At that moment, I think I had a mini heart attack! Kidding is easiest if the baby goat is diving out during delivery. When this doesn't happen, and their legs are behind them, you have to push them back inside; find their front feet and then pull them out. It is called a diving position. I thought I would need to do that, but, first needed the lubricant jelly. Where was that birthing kit? It was my first time being alone doing this, (other times I was with my mom and she usually helped) honestly, I was freaking out.

Knowing that I needed to call my mom, I went running over to my neighbor’s house, asking to borrow a phone. My goat is in labor, "I said". They were amazed. I was so embarrassed! Standing in my neighbor’s garage with messed up hair and dirty clothes. BUT, Felicity and I needed my mom. I couldn't reach her, she wouldn’t pick up. I said, " thank you" and left running to go see how Felicity was doing. When I got there she pretty much had the baby out. I got the paper towels and laid the kid on them, making sure to wipe off the blood and mucus from his face so he could breathe. I let Felicity clean him the rest of the way. By then my neighbor came over with his friend, and they saw the baby. He was pretty cute and really, really big. He had cool spots on him, and one over his eye. He looked a lot like a cow. I decided to name him Bandit.

When my mom eventually came back, he was standing up and nursing. Which is really important as all newborns need necessary colostrum to support their immune systems. We dipped his navel in iodine and cut his umbilical cord. It was a good day! Everybody was healthy. I was just glad that Felicity got him out without my help, because I wouldn’t know where to start.

Oh, and Bandit is doing very well. His name suits him, because he is trouble. He is really funny and gets into things he isn’t supposed to, goes places where he isn’t supposed to go, but is very entertaining.

#goats #kidding #teenagegirl

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