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      Expected Mid May


Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper

Dam:  Lavenderwood Miss Margaux 




 First Doeling

Will be retained 


  First Buckling

 Reserved (DB)

       Expected Late July


     Dam:  Lavenderwood Miss Felicia

          Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper



                      Reservations Closed


Expected Mid April

Dam:  Lavenderwood Miss Marta

Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper


                         Doelings $500

                       Bucks      $500   


                   Reservations Open

        Expected Mid April




     Dam:  Lavenderwood Miss Margaux

          Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper                        

                      Doelings $500

                      Bucklings $500


                    Reservations Open

 Expected Late December 2016

  Dam: Lavenderwood Glamorous Belle

           Sire:  Algedi Farm DJ Piper


                       Doelings $500

                      Bucklings $350



                    Reservations Closed





BEFORE sending in a deposit, please refer to our sales policy and terms below.  

We request $100 deposit to hold an animal for up to two weeks.

Deposit and payment can be made via PayPal to  




We will transfer the registration papers to the buyer at our expense.   
Our goats are all registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). Upon final purchase, all registered animals will be transferred into the new owner's name.  ***This does not apply to wethers or goats sold as pets.***

Please ensure that you provide the exact name (and ADGA ID if applicable) at time of sale.  Again, goats sold as wethers or pets, will not be registered.




Animals are sold as is, with no guarantees of future health, production, size or quality. We have gone to great lengths to grow our breeding programs on excellent foundation stock, selected on the basis of conformation and production.  Please remember that breeding livestock is an art more than a science, with a bit of a luck thrown in. Gene combinations are not as predictable as we'd wish them to be. 

Once an animal leaves our property, we cannot be responsible for its health, under any circumstances.  We are happy to have our veterinarian perform any examination or tests you wish (at your expense) before the animal is picked up.  To that end our herd is tested annually for:

CL; CAE; Brucelosis; Q-Fever, Johne's Disease; Toxoplasmosis; and Chagas Disease.  It is quiet costly, but, we believe it is worth the effort.  Many of these diseases are considered zoonotic, which, in laymens terms:  can be transferable to humans.  

Exception:  Should a doe or buck be found to have a hidden or overlooked congenital defect (as verified by a licensed veterinarian), we will replace the animal with one that we feel is of equal quality, as soon as is feasible.  Infertile young stock will likewise be replaced - does or bucks that have previously produced offspring are considered proven fertile at time of sale.



We request a deposit of $100 each for goats or $50 each for goat wethers. 
A deposit will hold your purchase until a goat kid is eight weeks of age or for two weeks on older animals.
Following that term, your deposit is forfeit unless previous arrangements have been made to pay additional board at $1.00/day.
Animals must be paid in full before leaving Lavenderwood Farm, including board.

Breeding Reservations:
We do take reservations and will do our best to fill them, but reserve the right to keep breeding stock as required for our own herd.
If we are unable to fill a reservation for any reason (such as death or sale of an animal or offspring of wrong sex or defects), you may transfer your deposit to any other available breeding or animal for sale.  Color is not a valid criteria for transfer.
Payment for a reserved kid is due in full within two weeks of birth announcement, and must clear before the kid leaves the property.


Accepted Forms of Payment:

  • Cash

  • Bank draft/money order

  • PayPal! We make it easy and convenient to pay via PayPal (which can process most major credit cards).                                                                      Our PayPal account is  

  • Checks must clear before the animal leaves the property, which may take up to a week after receipt



We reserve the right to retain ANY kid from ANY combination.  Your deposit is placed upon the future kidding of a particular DOE.  For one reason, or another we may change the BUCK other than what was noted on the breeding Schedule.  This is done to best manage the herd. If you are ONLY wanting a kid from a particular cross, then your name will be put on a list, and you will be notified if that breeding takes place, and you can place a deposit for reservation at that time, provided there are still openings. 


*****Reservations are only confirmed once your deposit is received by us

(you must contact us and receive a reply back before sending deposit),  and will be on a "first received basis". *****

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